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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Secret Gardens of Grendon

When some friends invited me to join them on a secret gardens tour in the village of Grendon, I jumped at the chance.  Ok, the hottest Sunday of the year so far, was probably not our best move, and I honestly didn't expect it to take 3 hours, but it was lovely wandering through the village, taking pictures of pretty flowers and seeing what people who are green fingered can do with their gardens.  Whilst I love photographing flowers, I detest gardening, so this was a great excuse to get those wanted pics.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Mayday Madness

Well the only mad thing about Mayday this year is that I have been home alone.  Admittedly, it's not as sad as it sounds.  Saturday morning I was up early to collect my new car from the garage, this is very exciting as I had my last car for 8 years and have run it into the ground.  I'm not even exaggerating, only last week it started protesting about driving forwards, reverse was no issue though.  Then after getting home from that I swapped places in a photography studio, instead of being the one behind the camera, this time I was in front of it for a vintage/pinup shoot.  It was lots of fun and also quite informative for a photography enthusiast like me as I did pay attention to the lighting set up and the posing.  Obviously I came home buzzing with ideas and my blog this weekend was going to incorporate vintage style photos, however, once in my tiny studio, inspiration failed me.  I took the rest of the weekend to relax as there is no point forcing things and then this afternoon I decided to take a walk to the local park, the racecourse, with my camera.  Whilst it's not the usually the prettiest of parks, there were a few flower beds and I got lost in my element.  So here are the results for you to enjoy.