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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Day out in London

Monday saw my first trip to London as a tourist. How strange did that feel?!?!?!?!?!  Even though I moved out of London 5 years ago as I was still commuting in, I still felt like a Londoner.  So 4 months of living and working outside of London made me want to go back.  I luckily had some free train travel vouchers and planned to meet up with some old work colleagues in the afternoon but thought I would make a day of it.

I checked the Met office's website before leaving in the morning and it claimed blue skies all day, brilliant, I don't need waterproofs, how wrong I was.  I didn't let this deter me though.  I had wanted to visit Borough Market as I had never been and was a little too far away from where I worked to ever pop over.

I think it would have been better to have visited at a weekend as not many of the stalls were open, but lesson learned.  Once the rain stopped, I thought I would take a walk back to "my part" of London, so walked all the way to Covent Garden from London Bridge and managed to grab a few photos along the way that encapsulate London.  It was just a shame as it was raining and my camera did not like it too much (neither did my feet).

Arriving in Covent Garden, I had to go to the market there as Monday is antiques day so there are always good photo oppourtunities.

Unfortunately due to the rain there were no street performers so I wandered off to see what was going on in Leicester Square.  As you can see, not a lot either, I am so used to it being bustling with people.

A rest from the rain was needed, so I popped into M&M world.  I've seen many friends/family with kids show up on my facebook stream with visits here, so I thought why not.  The first thing that hit me was the smell of M&Ms.  You'd think this would be a good smell but got sickly very quickly.  I had heard you could get every colour of M&Ms imaginable and it was true

I can see if you had money to spend on absolute rubbish, it being a fun shop, there was so much tat and different style clothing and lots of photo opportunities but it must have been the first time I have walked out of a chocolate shop empty handed.

It was now lunch time, off to Primani on Oxford Street and then to meet work friends.  All in all a great day out, but I will return as a tourist in better weather to get some photos that really show off why I love London.

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