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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Millie Maloo

I had planned on a completely different photoshoot this weekend, but as it was not successful my friend's daughter very kindly agreed to pose for me anyway.  This is my first child studio photo shoot, although what with it being in my own home and someone I know very well, it wasn't particularly daunting.

I followed all the rules from other blogs I have read about letting her be herself, which included pulling some silly faces.

Once relaxed she agreed to be cute, this isn't all that hard when you are 6 I guess ;-)

Based on these, I definitely need to work on getting less shadows in the shot, unless that is me just being fussy.  I don't think the detract at all but my space is small and I need to work out the best coverage of light.

Now time for my light nemesis, getting down on the floor.  So far Millie has been standing up for all the photos, but I wanted to a, capture her more serious side, and b, learn lighting for models on the floor.  The light is definitely better than the last set I tried, so I call that a win!

And now for my favourite as I managed to catch Millie laughing at something silly.  There's something so natural about her smile that I absolutely love!

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